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How Early Is Too Early To Get Makeup Done?

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When it comes to special occasions like weddings, proms, or formal events, looking your best is a top priority. One crucial aspect of achieving a flawless look is getting your makeup done professionally. However, timing is everything, and getting your makeup done too early can lead to a less-than-desirable outcome. In this article, we’ll explore the factors to consider when scheduling your makeup appointment and provide tips to ensure your makeup stays fresh and flawless throughout the event.

The Importance of Timing

Makeup is an art form that requires precision and attention to detail. While it’s essential to allocate enough time for the makeup application process, getting it done too early can be counterproductive. Here are a few reasons why timing is crucial:

  1. Makeup Longevity: Most makeup products are designed to last for a certain number of hours. Getting your makeup done too early can cause it to fade, crease, or smudge before the event even begins.
  2. Environmental Factors: Factors like humidity, temperature, and exposure to sunlight can affect the longevity and appearance of your makeup. If you get your makeup done too early, these environmental factors can take a toll on your look.
  3. Touch-ups: Even with the best makeup application, touch-ups may be necessary throughout the event. If you get your makeup done too early, you may need to reapply certain products, which can be time-consuming and challenging.

Determining the Ideal Time

The ideal time to get your makeup done depends on several factors, including the type of event, the duration of the event, and the distance between the makeup appointment and the event venue. Here are some general guidelines:


For brides, it’s recommended to schedule your makeup appointment around 2-3 hours before the ceremony. This allows enough time for the makeup to set and for you to get dressed and take pre-ceremony photos without rushing. Bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party can typically get their makeup done earlier, around 4-5 hours before the ceremony.

Proms and Formal Events

For proms and other formal events, it’s generally advisable to get your makeup done 2-3 hours before the event. This gives you enough time to get ready and take pre-event photos without worrying about your makeup fading or smudging.

Factors to Consider

When determining the ideal time for your makeup appointment, consider the following factors:

  1. Travel Time: Factor in the time it will take to travel from the makeup appointment to the event venue. If the travel time is significant, you may need to adjust your appointment accordingly.
  2. Hair Styling: If you’re also getting your hair styled, coordinate your makeup and hair appointments to ensure a seamless transition between the two.
  3. Touch-up Availability: Find out if your makeup artist offers touch-up services during the event. If so, you may have more flexibility in scheduling your initial appointment.
  4. Environmental Conditions: Consider the weather and environmental conditions on the day of the event. If it’s particularly hot or humid, you may want to schedule your appointment closer to the event to minimize the impact on your makeup.

Preparing for Your Makeup Appointment

To ensure your makeup looks flawless and lasts throughout the event, follow these tips when preparing for your makeup appointment:

  1. Cleanse and Moisturize: Start with a clean, well-moisturized face. This will help your makeup apply smoothly and last longer.
  2. Avoid Heavy Skincare Products: Steer clear of heavy creams or serums that could interfere with the makeup application or cause it to break down prematurely.
  3. Communicate Your Preferences: Discuss your desired look with your makeup artist and provide inspiration photos if possible. This will help them create a look that suits your preferences and the occasion.
  4. Bring Touch-up Products: Pack a small makeup bag with touch-up essentials like blotting papers, powder, lipstick, and concealer. This will allow you to freshen up your look throughout the event if needed.


Getting your makeup done for a special occasion is an exciting experience, but timing is crucial to ensure your look remains flawless throughout the event. While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer to the question “How early is too early to get makeup done?”, considering factors like the event type, travel time, and environmental conditions can help you determine the ideal time for your makeup appointment. Remember, communication with your makeup artist and proper preparation are key to achieving a stunning, long-lasting look that will make you feel confident and radiant on your special day.


How Early Should You Do Your Makeup Before an Event?

The timing for getting your makeup done before an event depends on several factors, including the type of event, the duration, and the environmental conditions. Generally, it is recommended to get your makeup done 2-3 hours before the event starts. This allows enough time for the makeup to set and for any last-minute touch-ups. For example, if your event starts at 6 PM, scheduling your makeup appointment around 3 PM would be ideal. This timing ensures that your makeup remains fresh and intact throughout the event.

How Many Hours Before the Ceremony Should Makeup Be Done?

For weddings, the timing of makeup application is crucial to ensure that the bride and bridal party look their best throughout the ceremony and reception. It is generally recommended that the bride’s makeup be completed 2-3 hours before the ceremony. This allows time for the bride to get dressed, take pre-ceremony photos, and make any necessary touch-ups. Bridesmaids and other members of the bridal party can have their makeup done earlier, typically 4-5 hours before the ceremony.For instance, if the ceremony is at 4 PM, the bride should aim to have her makeup done by 1 PM, while the bridesmaids can start as early as 11 AM. This schedule ensures that everyone is ready on time and reduces the stress of last-minute preparations.

How Long Does Professionally Done Makeup Last?

Professionally done makeup is designed to last for several hours, often through the entire duration of an event. The longevity of the makeup depends on the products used, the application techniques, and the environmental conditions. On average, professionally applied makeup can last anywhere from 8 to 12 hours without significant touch-ups.For example, makeup applied at 10 AM for a 6 PM ceremony can still look fresh by the end of the night, especially if high-quality, long-lasting products are used. However, minor touch-ups, such as reapplying lipstick or blotting excess oil, may be necessary to maintain the look throughout the event.

What Time Should I Get My Makeup Done for an Event?

The ideal time to get your makeup done for an event depends on the start time of the event and the number of people needing makeup services. Here are some general guidelines:

  • For a 6 PM event: Start makeup around 3 PM.
  • For a 4 PM event: Start makeup around 1 PM.
  • For a 2 PM event: Start makeup around 11 AM.

These timings allow for the makeup to set and provide a buffer for any unforeseen delays. Additionally, if you have a large group, consider starting earlier to ensure everyone is ready on time.

How to Choose the Right Makeup Artist for a Special Occasion?

Choosing the right makeup artist for a special occasion involves several steps:

  1. Determine Your Desired Look: Decide on the makeup style you want, whether it’s natural, glamorous, or something in between. Look for inspiration on social media, wedding blogs, and magazines.
  2. Ask for Recommendations: Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have had positive experiences with makeup artists. Personal referrals can provide valuable insights into the artist’s skills and professionalism.
  3. Check Credentials and Experience: Ensure the makeup artist has proper training and accreditation from reputable institutions. Look for artists with a comprehensive portfolio showcasing their work on different skin types and tones.
  4. Schedule a Trial Session: Book a trial session to test the makeup artist’s skills and see if they can achieve the look you desire. This also allows you to assess their professionalism and how comfortable you feel working with them.
  5. Discuss Details and Preferences: Communicate your preferences clearly and provide inspiration photos. Discuss any specific requirements, such as using certain products or techniques, and ensure the artist is willing to accommodate your needs.

By following these steps, you can find a makeup artist who will help you look and feel your best on your special day.