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Cool Small Tattoos To Get and Location

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So tattoos have become more popular, the quality and look also. I love that more and more people are embracing this trend. Cute small tattoos are more popular among females than males. So if you are looking for cool places on the body to get your next tattoo or your first ink, I have made some suggestions. I love the types you can get that will stand out.

Under Boobs

This is a spot most celebrity females find to be a popular spot. They can look sensual and for most celebs, they need to make a statement. This is a good spot for the brave, wild and young to get inked. Quotes are popular and I love how cute they look in this spot.

The Ribs

Lucy Hale showcases her beautiful tattoo in this spot and it’s inspiring. This spot is painful but it is totally worth the pain. This spot is highly sensitive to pain but the outcome is always so beautiful. There are a lot of tattoos that can fit in this spot so that is another plus. Look around the internet to gather inspiration for this particular placement.

The back

The back is a great place to put large and small tattoos. You can get creative in such a location and it is also a  discreet spot. This is my favorite location for both male and female to get at least one tattoo. You will find a  lot of inspiration for this spot on the body that you will admire. 

Inner arm

Another location is the inner arm. This is amazing for cute small tattoos. This is a spot on the body that is so cute and romantic with a little rose, butterfly or a meaningful tattoo. When you want to stand out and show your personality this placement is a good idea.


I am seeing more and more people getting tattoos on their fingers. Committed couples getting matching ring tattoos on their finger. This is a cool idea and it does show commitment to your love one.

So where would you get your next small tattoo? We would like to hear from you.

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