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A Diamond in the rough or a legend in the making, Meet Deja Diamond

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  • Post last modified:December 27, 2022
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When it comes to the glamorous nightlife in the ATL most think of Trap music, celebrity sightings, good food, and of course the beautiful women also known as the “PEACHES”. When it comes to beautiful women (The peaches of Atlanta), we must pay homage to one of the originals.

Meet Deja Diamond, entrepreneur, model, actress and activist who’s currently leading as one of the most influential lash artists in the city. Born in Decatur and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, she got her start in business at an early age and absorbed the hustler spirit while still attending middle school.

From hustling candy amongst her classmates and peers to being one of the first and top African American eyelash artists in Atlanta starting in 2015 and still on
going into 2023. Her grind has proven her to be one of many original greats of Atlanta under 30. Aside from her lash business, she has also been turning heads as an activist, actress and model.

Meet Deja Diamond

Recently, she landed another acting role in a major Christmas film coming to BET titled “What Lies Under the Tree”, be on the lookout for that. Deja Diamond is not just a pretty face with a business mind, she possesses the heart of a lion and is unapologetic when it comes to her success, progress and contributions to the culture. As an activist and a survivor of racial profiling, she has managed to take a bad experience and build a positive realm surrounding her life goals and her calling.

Deja’s story is compelling, and we don’t want to spill all the beans just yet. Recently she sat with Scrilla Guerillaz Magazine and gave the listeners a sneak peak of her past, present, and future. Hopefully, we’ll get to see more of her in an upcoming issue.

A Diamond in the rough or a legend in the making

Moving forward, we need to see more women of color adjusting their crowns and making a positive impact on the culture. Follow Deja Diamond on IG @dangerouslyfree and if you’re in the Atlanta area and need your lashes done, you know who to contact. Remember where you heard it first. Stay Dangerously Free…