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What Happened To Makeup Geek?

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Makeup geek, a popular makeup brand, has officially closed its doors in february 2021 after being in operation for over a decade. Makeup geek was founded in 2008 by marlena stell, and quickly gained a following for its high-quality, affordable makeup products that were sold primarily online.

However, in recent years, the brand had faced challenges such as declining sales, negative reviews and controversy surrounding its founder. As a result, stell announced in january 2021 that makeup geek would be closing down for good. The news came as a shock to many fans and followers who had supported the brand over the years. In this article, we will delve deeper into what led to the downfall of makeup geek and explore what the future may hold for both the brand and its founder.

What Happened To Makeup Geek?


Factors That Contributed To The Decline Of Makeup Geek

Makeup geek used to be a buzz in the makeup industry, known for producing high-quality, affordable beauty products. However, the once-thriving company has seen a significant decline in recent years, leaving many wondering what happened. Below are the factors that contributed to the decline of makeup geek.

Poor Management Decisions

Poor management decisions have been a critical factor that contributed to makeup geek’s downfall.

  • Lack of innovation: the company failed to adapt to the changing market trends and was slow in introducing new products, which resulted in losing customers to competitors.
  • Neglecting quality control: makeup geek was once known for its high-quality products, but it soon started to compromise on quality, and customers started to lose faith in the brand.
  • Communication breakdown: makeup geek struggled with communication among its management and employees. This led to confusion, delays, and a lack of direction, ultimately affecting the company’s growth.

Quality Control Issues

Makeup geek’s reputation was built on the quality of its products. However, as the company expanded, it struggled to maintain those standards.

  • Product consistency: makeup geek struggled to maintain consistency in its product quality. Some customers reported that they received products that were dried out, had patchy application, or lacked pigmentation.
  • Packaging issues: some customers reported receiving products with broken packaging, which is a significant issue, especially for powder products like eyeshadows that can spill everywhere.
  • Return policy: makeup geek’s return policy wasn’t customer-friendly, and many customers reported difficulties when trying to return or exchange products.

Competitor Pressure

As the makeup industry continued to grow, makeup geek faced stiff competition from both established brands and new entrants into the market. Some of these competitors had stronger marketing strategies, wider product ranges, and better quality control measures.

Economic Factors

The decline of makeup geek is also attributed to economic factors, including:

  • Inflation: as inflation rates rose, makeup geek struggled to maintain its competitive prices while producing high-quality products that met customers’ expectations.
  • Cost of shipping: shipping products internationally is always expensive, and the rising shipping costs made it challenging for makeup geek to keep its products affordable for its international customers.

The downfall of makeup geek was a result of poor management decisions, quality control issues, stiff competition, and unfavorable economic factors. These factors are a cautionary tale for other makeup brands to never lose sight of their focus, quality, and customers.

Lessons Learned And Potential Reemergence

Makeup geek, once considered one of the most popular independent cosmetics brands, has rapidly declined in recent years. To better understand their decline, let’s take a closer look at the lessons learned from makeup geek’s downfall and examine potential revival strategies for the brand – including ways they can stay relevant in the future.

Key Takeaways From Makeup Geek’S Decline

  • lack of innovation: product innovation, which is crucial in the dynamic beauty industry, seemed to be lacking. Makeup geek failed to introduce new products and did not keep up with trends, leading to a decline in sales.
  • ineffective marketing strategies: makeup geek missed out on the opportunity to increase brand visibility through promotions, advertisements, and social media. A notable lack of consistent engagement with audiences and collaborations with influencers led to their brand becoming less visible in the market.
  • management missteps: the brand was heavily reliant on their founder and creative director, marlena stell, leading to mismanagement and internal issues which likely had an impact on the company’s decline.

Potential Revival Strategies

Strategies for revival could include:

  • investment in marketing: by focusing on their marketing campaigns, makeup geek could revive their brand by creating visually attractive ads and partnering with influencers to strengthen brand awareness. Social media platforms like instagram and tiktok offer a great opportunity for makeup geek to showcase their products and attract a younger demographic.
  • innovative product offerings: with the beauty industry’s ever-changing trends and consumer behavior, it is important for makeup geek to offer innovative and interesting products that keep up with the demanding marketplace. The brand needs to research new ingredients, formulations, and trends to create a product line that stands out from competitors.
  • overhauled management structure: addressing the internal turmoil and broken system within the company should be a priority. Realigning with industry standards and hiring business experts could provide the tools needed to rebuild makeup geek’s internal structure.

How Makeup Geek Can Stay Relevant In The Future

To remain relevant in the future, makeup geek can:

  • engage with audiences consistently: by creating a community and engaging with users through content, makeup geek can build brand loyalty and awareness. This engagement could take place through email campaigns, social media, and in person events like pop-ups or meet and greets with influencers.
  • stay on top of industry trends: as the industry evolves, makeup geek needs to continuously research and analyze new beauty trends and consumer demands, and most importantly, adapt its portfolio of products to thrive in a competitive market.
  • encourage customer feedback: your customers are the most important aspect of your business, so it is important to listen to their feedback. Makeup geek should encourage customers to leave reviews and testimonials, and use this feedback to further develop and improve their product offerings.

Makeup geek lost its once dominant position in the beauty industry due to a lack of innovation, ineffective marketing strategies, and mismanagement. By investing in marketing, innovation, and their internal operations, makeup geek can potentially revive their brand and remain relevant in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions On What Happened To Makeup Geek?

What Is Makeup Geek?

Makeup geek is a cosmetic brand which primarily deals in makeup products, founded by marlena stell in 2008.

What Happened To Makeup Geek?

There were rumors in the makeup community that makeup geek was closing down; however, it was later confirmed by the ceo that the brand was not going anywhere, and they were working on a new product line.

Why Did Makeup Geek Have A Decline In Popularity?

Makeup geek’s decline in popularity was due to several reasons, including the rise of new makeup brands in the market, lack of innovation and new product launches by makeup geek, and controversy around the ceo’s behavior.

What Is The Controversy Surrounding Makeup Geek’S Ceo?

Ceo marlena stell faced criticism for her behavior towards customers and staff, her lack of transparency with the brand’s mistakes, and inappropriate comments on social media.

Is Makeup Geek Still A Reputable Brand?

Makeup geek’s reputation has suffered from negative reviews, customer complaints, and the controversy around the ceo; however, the brand continues to have a loyal customer base and is working towards regaining its position in the market.


Makeup geek was once a force to be reckoned with in the cosmetics industry. As founder marlena stell rode the wave of social media influence, the brand grew rapidly and attracted a dedicated following of beauty enthusiasts. However, internal conflicts and lack of leadership caused a decline in the company’s success.

Ultimately, makeup geek faced financial difficulties and was sold to l’oreal in 2019. While some fans were disappointed by the brand’s changes under new ownership, others were happy to see makeup geek continue to thrive. Despite the challenges faced by makeup geek, the brand remains a testament to the power of social media and the importance of effective leadership in the world of business.

As the makeup industry continues to evolve and innovate, makeup geek’s story serves as a valuable lesson to entrepreneurs looking to make a name for themselves in this competitive field.