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Tricks To Maximize Patio Space With Garden Furniture

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A patio is a great place to enjoy the outdoors on a nice day, but it can be difficult to efficiently use the space well. If you are looking for ways to make your outdoor living area feel more spacious, check out these 5 patio design tricks.

By introducing garden furniture such as sectional sofas, firepits, and patio sets to your home, you can transform the look and feel of even the smallest outdoor space. So make yourself a coffee, and let’s get started!

1: Accent Walls Outdoors

You may find that your patio is feeling a little too bare and boring, but that’s where accent walls come in handy! That’s right, accent walls can also be used outside to give the illusion of a more spacious environment. By keeping all other areas of your patio neutral and painting one wall in a bold or vibrant color, you can give your outdoor space a warmer and more modern feel.

Keep your garden furniture sets neutral to really make your outdoor accent wall stand out! But make sure not to cover an accent wall with bulky garden furniture, or the illusion won’t be as dramatic.

2: Hang Plants From Your Patio Ceiling

Keep your outdoor space looking and feeling fresh by hanging plants from the ceiling. This is a great patio design tip if you’re limited on space! Hanging baskets are also easy to install, requiring minimal maintenance compared to other landscaping projects such as filling in soil or planting seeds in the ground.

Potted plants can even add color throughout the colder months of the year without needing any sunlight at all! So rather than feel restricted by your patio space, look up and get creative by investing in hanging baskets, vegetable grow bags, and plants that will climb rather than blossom on the ground.

Hang Plants From Your Patio Ceiling

3: Multi-functional Seating To Maximize Space

While your patio is not inside your home, you should still approach it with the same interior design eye as any other space at home, and consider ways to maximize the space. First, consider what you want to use your patio for. You might want to dine outdoors, use your patio to entertain guests or try growing your own organic fruit and vegetables at home.

Whatever your patio goals, make sure you have in mind a clear purpose for your space before investing in furniture and plants. Once you have an idea, shop for garden furniture that is not only attractive but also multi-functional. Let’s say you want to entertain guests.

Invest in outdoor furniture that can accommodate a number of guests, has under-seat storage to keep outdoor cushions and blankets dry, and perhaps has a built-in fireplace to use. This type of garden furniture will help you make the most of your backyard or garden.  It really is all about the detail when it comes to patio design.

4: Patio Heaters

Outdoor heating is a great way to make the most out of your patio. Heaters will help to encourage you to spend even more time outside and open up all sorts of opportunities for entertaining! Whether you have an outdoor sectional sofa, a 4-piece outdoor wicker patio set, or a table with a firepit built-in, if the weather gets a little cold, you might be tempted to stay indoors. But with a high-quality patio heater, you can enjoy eating outside or watching the sunset while staying nice and warm under the radiant glow of your new patio heater.

Sensory Garden

5: Sensory Garden

Another patio design trick to maximize your space outside is to incorporate different scents, colors, and textures. A sensory garden is a perfect solution for those who want to maximize their outdoor space. Use a combination of plants, outdoor sofas, and decorative items to engage the senses.

Choose a soft outdoor sectional sofa, and match this with highly fragrant roses or bright and beautiful sunflowers. The idea is to use scent, color, textures and sounds to create a unique environment that delights the mind, body, and soul.

With the right patio furniture, you can maximize your outdoor space and make the most of your patio area. Explore our collection of sectional sofas, outdoor patio furniture and propane firepits online.

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