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The Meaning Behind Viking Wedding Rings

Did you know that Vikings made the first glass pieces in France? It confirms their clever minds and beauty standard. Vikings married their lovers, so why not showcase their admiration with traditional Viking wedding rings?

Bridal rings are an age-old tradition that many people enjoy. The Viking era is full of extravagant designs and strong characters, so it makes sense that wedding rings would follow suit.

Are you looking for an imaginative pair of rings? Don’t you understand why Vikings wore rings on both hands? You came to the right place.

Read on to learn why Vikings wore rings on both hands and the meaning of Viking wedding rings.

The Viking Wedding Rings History

Viking wedding rings were often made of iron, a large metal in Scandinavia. Vikings believed that iron had unique properties that could ward off evil spirits.

The crews were often inscribed with runes or other symbols with special Viking wedding ring meanings to the couple. Some of the most common signs were the runes for “love” and “happiness.”

Viking wedding rings were also often made in pairs so the husband and wife could wear them together.

The Material Used in Viking Wedding Rings

The ring was made of iron, which represented strength and fidelity. The ring was also engraved with runes, which told the story of their love.

The runes represented the past, present, and future of their relationship. The Viking men’s wedding ring knew this would symbolize their love forever.

What Was the Meaning Behind Viking Wedding Rings?

It is believed that, like many ancient wedding traditions, giving a wedding ring to one’s spouse signified the transfer of ownership of the woman from her father to her husband.

In Viking society, women were not seen as independent individuals but as property or assets. The wedding ring represented the symbol of this ownership. While the woman became the man’s property, it was also a sign of love and commitment.

The men’s Viking wedding ring signified that it would protect and care for his wife and that their relationship was forever.

Why Did Vikings Wear Wedding Rings?

Viking wedding rings were often straightforward, with a plain band made of silver or iron and sometimes decorated with a few tiny beads or runes. The meaning behind these rings was both practical and symbolic.

The metal ring represented the eternal life cycle, while the decorations often had special meaning to the couple.

For example, a pair of calls might be inscribed with the words “to love” and “to honor.” It was also common for a ring to be engraved with the image of a dragon, symbolizing strength and protection.

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A Viking wedding ring was a sign of love and commitment between a husband and wife. It was also a symbol of their social status and wealth. Viking wedding rings were often made of gold and decorated with intricate designs.

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