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Seyi Vibez Biography, Age, Hat Trick, Family, Wife, Net Worth, Songs

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Seyi Vibez, born Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi, is a prominent figure in the Nigerian music scene, known for his unique blend of Afrobeats and neo-fuji genres. Emerging in 2019, he has quickly risen to fame with his soul-stirring melodies and captivating lyrics. Seyi’s music not only showcases his exceptional talent but also reflects his deep-rooted passion and determination. His journey from humble beginnings to becoming a household name in Nigeria is a testament to his hard work and the impact of his music.

Seyi Vibez Bio/Biography/Wiki

Seyi Vibez Biography

Seyi Vibez’s story is one of unwavering determination and musical brilliance. Born on July 12, 1990, in Ketu, Lagos, Nigeria, Seyi has carved a niche for himself in the Afropop music scene. His music career took off in 2019, and since then, he has been known for his chart-topping hits that resonate with a wide audience. Seyi’s music is a vivid portrayal of his life’s journey, filled with personal trials and triumphs. His ability to blend traditional fuji music with contemporary sounds has set him apart in the industry.

Personal Information

Full NameBalogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi
Nick NameSeyi Vibez
Date of BirthJuly 12, 1990
Age as of 202433 years old
Height5’11’’ (180 cm)
Birth PlaceKetu, Lagos State
HometownKetu, Lagos
Parents’ NamesWill added soon
Father NameWill added soon
Mother NameWill added soon
Sister/BrotherWill added soon

Early Life and Background

Details about childhood and upbringingBorn and raised in Ketu, Lagos, Seyi moved to Ikorodu with his family.
Family historyComes from a modest background, with his father working as a plumber.
Early interests/passionsDeveloped a passion for music early on, influenced by Fela Kuti and the vibrant music scene in Lagos.

Career Beginnings

Details about childhood and upbringingSeyi began his music career in Ikorodu, Lagos, after recognizing his musical talent in high school.
Family historyHis family supported his musical aspirations despite their modest background.
Early interests/passionsSeyi was inspired by the works of Fela Kuti and the rich musical heritage of Nigeria.

Notable Works/Achievements

Prominent roles/projectsKnown for hits like “God Sent” and “Chance (Na Ham).”
Awards/accoladesNominated for various awards in recognition of his talent.
Athletic achievementsNot applicable to Seyi Vibez’s career.

Personal Life

Marital StatusSingle
Affairs (Boyfriend/Girlfriend)Will added soon
Husband/SpouseNot Applicable
ChildrenNot Applicable
Hobbies/interests outside their careerWill added soon
Net WorthEstimated at $150,000 as of 2024
ControversiesFeud with Zinoleesky; loss of his mother


What genre of music does Seyi Vibez represent?

Seyi Vibez primarily represents the neo-fuji genre, blending traditional fuji music with contemporary sounds.

When did Seyi Vibez start his music career?

Seyi Vibez’s music career took off in 2019, marking his entry into the Nigerian music scene.

What is Seyi Vibez known for?

Seyi is known for his soul-stirring melodies, captivating lyrics, and his unique blend of Afrobeats and neo-fuji genres.

Has Seyi Vibez won any awards?

As of the knowledge cutoff date, Seyi Vibez has been nominated for various awards but specific wins are not detailed.

What is Seyi Vibez’s net worth in 2024?

Seyi Vibez’s estimated net worth is approximately $150,000 as of 2024.

What inspires Seyi Vibez’s music?

Seyi’s music is inspired by his life experiences, personal trials, and the rich musical heritage of Nigeria.

Is Seyi Vibez signed to any record label?

Seyi Vibez is an independent artist, not signed to any record label as of the knowledge cutoff date.

What challenges has Seyi Vibez faced in his career?

Seyi has navigated personal challenges, including the loss of his mother, and professional feuds, such as with Zinoleesky.

How does Seyi Vibez contribute to the Nigerian music industry?

Seyi contributes by preserving and evolving the traditional fuji genre while appealing to contemporary audiences.

What can fans expect from Seyi Vibez in the future?

Fans can expect more music, collaborations, and possibly ventures into other areas of entertainment from Seyi Vibez.