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How to Create a Sickly Appearance Using Makeup

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To look sick with makeup, use a green or yellow tone corrector to give your skin a pale, sick-looking appearance. Apply dark circles around the eyes, add a little redness to the nose and cheeks and finish it off by using a matte lipstick to take away the natural color of your lips.

Done right, this makeup trick can make you appear convincingly sick and under the weather. Makeup can be one of the most versatile tools for transforming your appearance. From contouring and highlighting to full-blown halloween-worthy looks, there’s no limit to what you can achieve with it. One of the easiest and most convincing transformations you can achieve is the “sick” look. Whether you’re playing dress-up, creating a sickly character, or just want to look like you’re not feeling well, this makeup trick can help you achieve the desired effect. It takes just a few easy steps and some basic makeup know-how to master it. So, grab your brushes and let’s get started.

How to Create a Sickly Appearance Using Makeup


Understanding The Concept Of Looking Sick With Makeup

Makeup has always been an excellent tool for people to express themselves creatively. Creating different looks using various makeup techniques can be a fun and exciting way to transform one’s appearance. While beauty makeup aims to enhance one’s natural features, there is a new trend on the rise, referred to as ‘looking sick with makeup.

‘ this approach involves using makeup to simulate an ill or unwell appearance. Let us understand this concept and the potential reasons behind wanting to look sick with makeup.

What Is The Point Of Looking Sick With Makeup?

Looking sick with makeup is all about creating an appearance that doesn’t resemble good health. It might seem puzzling to want to look sick when you’re healthy, but there’s more to it than that.

  • halloween: many people use this trend to create a scary and spooky look for halloween. Creating a zombie, corpse or vampire look is very popular.
  • artistic expression: many makeup artists view makeup as art, and the concept of looking sick with makeup falls into the category of avant-garde makeup art.
  • emotional expression: some people use this trend as a form of emotional expression. They might be going through a challenging time, and this is a way of expressing it externally.

Common Scenarios For Which People Might Want To Create A Sick Appearance

Although this trend might seem odd, there are several scenarios where someone might want to create a sick appearance.

  • photoshoots: photographers and models alike often use this trend to create unusual, eye-catching looks in photoshoots.
  • movies and tv shows: makeup artists working on movie or tv sets need to create convincing looks of illness or injury regularly.
  • medical students or doctors training: medical students and doctors in training often use this technique to replicate realistic injuries or illnesses for training or learning purposes.

Discussing The Potential Psychological Reasons Behind Wanting To Look Sick With Makeup

There are several possible psychological reasons why someone might want to experiment with creating a sick appearance.

  • escape: some people may use this trend as a way to escape reality. They can become someone else for a while and forget about their current life issues.
  • mental illness: some people might have a mental or emotional disorder that makes them crave attention or self-expression.
  • rebellion: some people like to go against the norm and feel like this appearance can help them break free of society’s expectations.

While the idea of creating a sick appearance using makeup might seem daunting at first, the trend has several practical applications and potential psychological reasons behind it. Whether for artistic expression, emotional release, or a halloween costume, there are many reasons why people are drawn to this trend.

With proper technique and a clear understanding of the desired result, experimenting with looking sick with makeup can be an engaging and eye-opening experience.

Essential Techniques For Creating A Sick Look With Makeup

Creating a sick look with makeup is an interesting way of transforming one’s appearance for a variety of occasions such as halloween, costume parties, or theatrical events. This style requires a distinct and different approach as compared to regular makeup application.

Here are some essential techniques for creating a sick look with makeup that will take your look to the next level and grab everyone’s attention.

Choosing The Right Makeup Products For Enhancing The Sickly Appearance

  • Opt for a pale foundation with cool undertones or mix a little of olive or green paint to achieve a sickly complexion.
  • Use a concealer which is two shades darker than your skin tone to create a more hollow and gaunt look.
  • For a bit of extra effect, use black and brown eyeshadow to create a bruised and dirty look.

Highlighting The Right Features Of The Face To Create The Desired Sick Look

  • Apply blush in a light layer under the cheekbones and temples to create a sunken look.
  • Use contouring techniques to add depth to your cheeks and make them look more hollow.
  • Create a shadow effect around the mouth area, chin and eyes by using darker shades of makeup to achieve a sick and unwell appearance.

Understanding The Importance Of Blending And Layering

  • Blend the different shades of makeup seamlessly to avoid harsh contrast between shades.
  • Layer different shades of makeup to create texture and dimension, and increase the intensity of the sick look.

Tips For Creating A Flushed Look, Bags Under The Eyes, And Dark Circles

  • Apply red or purple eyeshadow around the eyes, nose, and the edge of the mouth for the flushed look.
  • Use the same red or purple eyeshadow with brown or grey to create bags under the eyes and dark circles.
  • Blend all the shades well to avoid any harsh edges, and make sure the look is cohesive.

With these essential techniques, you can polish your makeup skills, and give your look a unique and sickly edge. Carefully choose the makeup products and experiment with different makeup techniques to achieve the desired result. With a bit of time and practice, you will soon be an expert in creating a sick look with makeup that will amaze everyone around you!

Advanced Makeup Tips For An Authentic Sick Look

Creating a convincing sickly appearance with makeup involves more than just a few light strokes of foundation. Advanced makeup techniques and some artful creativity are needed to achieve an authentic sick look. Here are some tips for taking it to the next level.

Trying Out Alternative Makeup Techniques To Create More Intense Or Realistic Effects

  • color correction: use green concealer to reduce redness or purple concealer to neutralize yellowish or sallow skin tones.
  • mock illness: use a sponge to dab on blush or eyeshadow around the eyes to give off a sunken, tired look.
  • sickly texture: use a sea sponge or a toothbrush to create a bumpy or uneven skin texture for your face and neck. Alternatively, mix glycerin with red and black food coloring and apply it to different areas of your face to mimic swelling and bruising.

Creating Various Forms Of Fake Blemishes And Rashes With Makeup

  • skin rash: using latex or eyelash glue, create small bumps on your face. Alternatively, use lip balm or petroleum jelly mixed with pink blush to create a reddish skin rash.
  • acne and pimples: use foundation that’s a few shades lighter than your skin tone and apply it to individual spots on your face. Then use a brown pencil liner to create the illusion of a whitehead or blackhead.
  • bruises: mix red and green eyeshadow and apply it to create a bruised appearance. Use a lighter shade to highlight the centre and darker shades around it.

Adding Finishing Touches To Create Authenticity, Such As Sweat, Dirt, Or Other Elements

  • sweat: apply a mixture of glycerin and water to different areas of your face or neck to make it appear damp and sweaty. You can also use a clear lip gloss to mimic sweat.
  • dirt and grime: coat your face and neck with a thin layer of liquid latex, and then use various hues of brown and black eyeshadow on top of it. Alternatively, you can use brown cream-based makeup to blend in some dirt to your face.
  • blood: use a bright red lip gloss for a fresh injury look or darker hues to create scabs. Use a sponge to dab on a touch of brown and purple eyeshadows to create the look of dried blood.

Safety Concerns To Consider When Using Makeup For Creating A Sickly Appearance

Creating a sickly look may involve using certain products that may not be safe.

  • Avoid using toxic ingredients or unknown or unsafe commercial makeup products. Use high-quality makeup products from popular brands.
  • Be sure to test any makeup on a small area of skin before applying it to your face to check for any allergic reactions.
  • Wash off all makeup with a gentle cleanser before going to bed.

Creating a convincing sickly appearance with makeup involves some skills and creativity. Use these tips to create an authentic sick look and don’t forget the safety concerns while experimenting with different makeup techniques.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Look Sick With Makeup?

Faqs For How To Look Sick With Makeup?

### q1. Why would someone want to look sick with makeup?

Q2. What Are Some Makeup Techniques To Look Sick?

A2. Use a mix of dark shades, fake blood, and contouring to create a hollowed-out appearance. Add redness around the eyes and nose with smudged eyeliner or eyeshadow.

Q3. Should I Use Real Blood For A More Realistic Look?

A3. Absolutely not. Using fake blood is safer and reduces the risk of infection or diseases. There are many affordable and realistic options for fake blood available at halloween or costume stores.

Q4. Can I Do This Look Without Spending Too Much Money?

A4. Yes, there are plenty of makeup tutorials on social media that use affordable drugstore makeup brands. With some practice, you can achieve this look without breaking the bank.

Q5. Does This Look Work For All Skin Tones?

A5. Yes, there are ways to adjust the colors and shades based on your skin tone. Darker skin tones can add a deeper shade of purple or blue to create a sickly appearance.


In the world of makeup, looking sick is a trend that has been around for quite some time and is here to stay. With the right techniques and products, you can achieve a sickly appearance without having to actually feel ill.

Remember to start with a clean and moisturized face, choose the right shade of foundation, create dark circles under your eyes, apply bronzer and highlighter for a sunken look, and finish up with a touch of lip balm and a bit of runny mascara.

It’s important to keep in mind that this look is purely for aesthetic purposes and not to be taken as a mockery of those who actually suffer from illness. With these tips, you can channel your inner gothic or grunge style and have fun experimenting with new makeup looks.

Always remember to be bold, confident, and most importantly, stay true to yourself.