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How To Dye The Underneath Of Your Hair?

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To dye the underneath of your hair, start by pre-lightening the strands to create an even base for applying color. Divide the hair into four sections and clip them away from the rest. Begin in one section and apply a lightening product with a brush or gloves along each strand of hair until it is all covered, then move on to the next section.

Once you’ve applied lightener, leave it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing it out with cool water. After drying your hair thoroughly, mix up a batch of semi-permanent or permanent dye that matches your desired hue and use another brush or gloves to spread it over each strand in each section like you did with the lightener. Leave this color on for 20–40 minutes before washing off gently with shampoo and conditioner.

Dry your locks completely again before styling as usual!

  • Start with clean, dry hair: Before you begin dyeing your underneath layer of hair, it’s important to start with freshly washed and dried locks. This will help ensure better dye coverage and longer lasting results.
  • Section off the top layers: Once your hair is clean, you’ll need to section off the top layers so they are out of the way while you work on the bottom ones. Use clips or ties to separate them at an angle that works for you.
  • Prep your coloring products: Now that everything is ready, open up your desired box of dye and carefully read through any instructions included in it before beginning application process onto your underside layers of hair.
  • Apply color from roots to ends: Using a tint brush or applicator bottle (depending on what type of product you’re using), apply a generous amount from roots to ends until every strand has been completely saturated in color.
  • Rinse & condition afterwards: After enough processing time has passed (according to instructions), rinse out all remaining residue thoroughly until water runs clear then shampoo/conditioner as normal post-dyeing session!
How To Dye The Underneath Of Your Hair?


What is It Called When You Dye the Underside of Your Hair?

When you dye the underside of your hair, it is often referred to as “underlighting”. Underlighting involves adding a pop of color on the underside and underneath layers of your hair for an unexpected twist. It can be done with any color or shade, from pastels to vibrant hues, but usually works best when done with lighter shades that will stand out against darker natural tones.

This technique allows you to give yourself a subtle yet eye-catching look without having to commit to an entire head transformation or having bright colors all over your head. The result is a unique and beautiful hairstyle that looks modern and stylish while still being low-maintenance enough for anyone’s lifestyle!

Is It Possible to Dye the Underside of Your Hair?

Yes, it is possible to dye the underside of your hair. This process can be done in a variety of ways and usually requires more intricate sectioning than traditional all-over color or highlights. Depending on the desired look, you can choose from full coverage underlights, half head or partial balayage styling, lowlighting with panels and ribbons.

When coloring underneath your hair, it is important to use professional grade dyes that are safe for the scalp and won’t cause irritation or damage. Also pay attention to the instructions given by the stylist in order to get even coverage and avoid any patchy results. The technique used will also depend on how much contrast you want between colors; if you’re looking for bolder changes go for a full bleaching job rather than just adding some subtle streaks of color at your roots.

Finally, always make sure that you keep up with regular maintenance visits so as not to let your new style fade away!

How Do You Dye Underneath Your Hair Only?

If you’re looking for a way to add some color to just the underneath of your hair, there are a few options available. The best choice is probably to use semi-permanent dye like Manic Panic or Splat Hair Color as most permanent dyes will require that you either bleach or lighten the underside of your hair before you can apply color. It’s also important to have someone help you with this process as it can be difficult and time consuming to do on your own.

Start by separating out the section of hair that needs coloring and secure it away from the rest with clips or ties. Make sure all parts where dye could leak through (like around face frames, neck line etc) are covered up with foil or plastic wrap so they don’t get stained. Then mix up some dye in an applicator bottle according to instructions, if using a brush then dip into mixture and start applying starting at roots slowly working towards tips until fully saturated.

Leave on for 20 minutes then rinse carefully till water runs clear – make sure not go too hot incase any colour bleeds onto other sections! Finally give one final deep conditioner treatment afterwards so locks stay healthy & vibrant!

How to Do Peekaboo Color?

Peekaboo coloring is a fun way to add dimension and texture to your hair without sacrificing the integrity of the color. It involves strategically placing light and dark strands of color in alternating sections throughout your hair, creating a “peekaboo” effect as light reflects off each piece. To do peekaboo coloring at home, you’ll need two different shades of semi-permanent hair dye (one lighter than the other) plus tinting brushes, disposable gloves, an applicator bottle or bowl for mixing dyes, clips for sectioning the hair and petroleum jelly or conditioner that can be used around any areas you don’t want dyed.

Start by dividing your dry hair into four sections with clips then apply petroleum jelly around your face and neckline so it won’t get stained during application. Then mix together equal parts of both colors in an applicator bottle or bowl before using brush strokes to create stripes through one quadrant at a time while holding back surrounding pieces with another clip. Make sure each stripe is relatively thin so they blend together nicely when finished then rinse out once all layers are applied and follow up with conditioner specifically designed for colored treated locks!

These girls bleached and dyed the under-layer of their hair!

How to Dye the Underneath of Your Hair Brad Mondo

If you are looking for a bold and unique hair look, then consider dyeing the underneath of your hair! This modern style was popularized by YouTube celebrity Brad Mondo, who often sports a vibrant pink or blue hue beneath his natural brown locks. To achieve this daring look yourself, start by pre-lightening the underside of your mane with bleach to create an even base color.

Once the desired shade is reached, apply any semi-permanent dyes that match your desired color. Allow time for it to fully process before rinsing and conditioning as normal. With proper maintenance, you can keep up this eye-catching hairstyle for months at a time!


Dyeing the underneath of your hair is a great way to add some flair and dimension to your look without committing to an all over color. With the help of professional advice, you can make sure that the process goes smoothly and with minimal damage so you have perfect results every time. Whether you’re looking for subtle highlights or bold pops of color, dyeing the underside of your hair is a creative way to experiment with trends while still showing off your own style.