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How To Change Links Hair Botw?

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To change Link’s hair in Breath of the Wild, you will need to find a Great Fairy Fountain. This can be found by looking for glowing purple spots on the map and traveling to them. Once there, use your Sheikah Slate rune powers to open up the fountain and enter it.

There will be a fairy inside who can provide you with an upgrade that includes changing Link’s hairstyle and color. You’ll have several options to choose from, such as short or long styles or different shades of blonde, brown and black hair colors. After making your choice simply exit out of the fountain using either fast travel or walking back out after speaking with her once more.

Your new style should now take effect!

  • Open up the game: First, open up The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on your Nintendo Switch or Wii U console.
  • Access the Equipment menu: Once you’re in-game, press either Up + Y or Down + X to access Link’s equipment menu.
  • Choose a hairstyle for Link: In this screen, select the Hair option from the list and then choose one of several different hair styles available for Link to wear throughout his journey.
  • Save your changes: Finally, save your changes and exit out of this screen so that your new look will be saved and applied when playing through Breath of the Wild!
How To Change Links Hair Botw?


What Type of Haircut Does Link Have?

Link has a signature look that everyone recognizes, and his iconic haircut is a big part of it. His hair is cut short on the sides and back with just enough length to give him spikes on top. The bangs are swept up slightly to one side and he often wears them in an undercut style which gives him a more edgy look.

Link usually keeps his facial hair neatly trimmed as well. The overall effect is one of strength, toughness, and adventure – all qualities that fit perfectly with the character of Link!

Does Link Have Brown Or Blonde Hair?

Link has brown hair, as can be seen in most appearances. In the original Legend of Zelda game from 1986, Link’s hair is a light brown color. This remains consistent throughout other versions of the game and his subsequent appearances in games such as Ocarina of Time and Breath of the Wild.

While it may appear to be blonde or lighter colored at times due to lighting conditions, Link’s hair is definitively dark brown. Additionally, Link’s iconic green tunic features an orange-brown belt with a buckle that shares a similar shade to his hair color; this further reinforces that he has dark brown locks rather than blonde ones!

Did Link Originally Have Brown Hair?

No, Link originally had blonde hair. The Legend of Zelda was first released in 1986 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and featured a protagonist named Link with long blond hair. Over time, the look of Link has changed in different iterations of the series but his original design had him depicted with bright yellow locks that fell down around his shoulders.

However, some versions such as Ocarina of Time have given fans an alternate version of Link; one sported brown hair instead! It’s interesting to note that this particular incarnation didn’t exist until well after the original game was released, debuting in 1998 on the N64. This could be seen as a sign that designers were beginning to experiment more with their characters’ looks or simply adding another layer to an already beloved character by giving him two distinct looks – either way it’s fascinating how much he’s been able to evolve over time while still maintaining his signature style!

What Color is Link’S Hair in Breath of the Wild?

In the game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Link’s hair is a light shade of brown. His bangs are slightly curled and kept in place with a red headband. His iconic green tunic, along with his pointed ears and subtle facial features give him an unmistakable appearance that many gamers recognize fondly.

While there have been some variations to his look throughout various installments in the beloved franchise, fans know Link best by his classic design seen here in Breath of the Wild.

Long Hair For Link (banan039)


Changing Link’s hair in Breath of the Wild is a great way to create a more personalized experience when playing. With the help of these easy steps, you can quickly and easily make any changes that you would like to your character’s hair. Whether it be for aesthetic purposes or just for fun, changing Link’s hair is an enjoyable part of exploring Hyrule in Breath of the Wild.