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How Many Packs Of Hair For Soft Locs?

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The number of packs of hair you need for soft locs will depend on the size, length and thickness of your hair. Generally speaking, most people require at least two packs to achieve a full head of soft locs. If your hair is thicker or longer than average, it may be necessary to purchase more than two packs in order to cover all areas.

Additionally, if you are looking for a fuller look with more volume then three or four packs might be needed. It’s important that you measure the circumference and length of your desired style before deciding how many packs to buy as this will help ensure that you have enough product without overdoing it.

When it comes to soft locs, the number of packs of hair needed to achieve your desired look will depend on a few factors. The length and thickness of your natural hair, along with the size and number of locs you plan on creating, will affect how much hair you need. Generally speaking, at least 3-4 packs should be sufficient for most styles.

However, if you are looking for longer or fuller locs then more may be needed. Be sure to take into account all variables before purchasing your supplies!

How Many Packs Of Hair For Soft Locs?


How Much Hair Do You Need for Soft Locs?

When it comes to creating soft locs, the amount of hair you need will vary depending on how thick and long your locs are intended to be. Generally speaking, if you have a short-to-medium length mane, then you’ll likely need anywhere between six and eight ounces of human or synthetic hair. If your desired look is longer locks that reach below the shoulders, then somewhere between nine and twelve ounces should do the trick.

That being said, those with thicker strands may require even more hair for their desired style; it’s always best to err on the side of caution when gauging how much material is needed in order to achieve beautiful results. Additionally, these measurements can also be adjusted based upon personal preference as well as other factors like texture and density of your own natural locks. Whichever route you decide to take when it comes to styling soft locs just make sure that whichever amount of hair chosen fits within your budget!

How Many Packs of Hair Do I Need for 36 Inch Soft Locs?

If you are looking to install 36 inch soft locs, you may be wondering how many packs of hair you need. Generally speaking, the general rule is that for each size of locs (e.g., small, medium or large) you will need two packs of hair. However, when it comes to 36 inch soft locs specifically, the answer can vary depending on the width and thickness of your individual strands as well as the desired fullness and volume.

As a general guideline though, we recommend 4-6 packs of hair for 36 inch soft locs in order to achieve a full look with plenty of volume that won’t appear too thin or sparse when completed. If your own natural hair is particularly fine or thinning then more than 6 packs may be necessary; likewise if it’s thick and voluminous then fewer may suffice! Ultimately it’s best to experiment with different amounts until you find what works best for your particular needs and desired aesthetic style – happy styling!

How Many Packs of Locs Do You Need?

The answer to this question depends on a few factors, including the size and length of your locs, as well as the desired style. Generally speaking, if you are looking to achieve full coverage with short or medium-length locs, then you will need at least two packs of hair extensions. However, for longer styles or more intricate looks such as box braids or cornrows, then three packs may be necessary.

When purchasing your locs it is important to consider how many rows you want and how thick each row should be so that everything flows together seamlessly in the end. If you’re unsure about what size and type of hair extensions would work best for your look, speak with an experienced stylist who can provide advice tailored specifically to your needs.

How Many Bags of Hair Do You Need for Long Soft Locs?

The amount of hair you need for long, soft locs depends on the size and length of your desired style. To achieve a full head of traditional waist-length locs, you will likely need 8 to 10 bags of high-quality human or synthetic hair—more if you’re looking for extra volume. However, when starting off with shorter lengths (around shoulder length), 4 to 6 bags should be enough.

It is important to note that the more hair used in each individual dreadlock, the thicker and more voluminous they will become over time as they mature and tighten up. Before purchasing your supplies, it is best to speak with an experienced professional about what would work best for your specific look.

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Wrapping Hair for Soft Locs

Wrapping hair for soft locs is a popular way to create beautiful, natural-looking locs. This technique involves wrapping small sections of your hair around a wide tooth comb or brush and then securing each section with an elastic band. This creates the look of full, healthy locks without having to use harsh chemicals or other damaging techniques.

Wrapping hair for soft locs can be done at home and requires only basic supplies, such as an elastic band and a wide tooth comb or brush. With regular maintenance, this method can help you achieve that perfect balance between neatness and texture in your locks!


This blog post has provided a helpful guide for anyone looking to achieve soft locs by providing an overview of the number of packs of hair needed. By following the guidelines outlined in this blog post, you can easily find out how many packs of hair you need to create your desired look. With proper care and maintenance, your soft locs should last for months or even years!