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Essential Rules for Shopping for the Perfect Long Bridesmaid Dress

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  • Post last modified:March 9, 2023
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Shopping for a wedding dress is stressful. However, finding the right bridesmaid dress can be an even more stressful task. With the average cost of a bridesmaid dress currently at $130 per person, they’re no small investment either.

Whether you’re looking in stores or scrolling through online boutiques, you want to ensure that the long bridesmaid dress you pick will look great on your ‘maids and won’t strain their budgets. 

To ensure everyone is happy with your selection, follow these essential rules for selecting the flawless long bridesmaid dress. From considering finding the right style to choosing the best color — we’ve got all the details.

Why Are Long Bridesmaid Dresses Best?

The length of a long dress gives it an air of sophistication and graceful movement. 

Moreover, the variety of styles available in longer dresses allows for a fashionable update to the traditional look. Long bridesmaid dresses can be fitted or loose or one-shouldered or strapless. They’re also available at different price points depending on the formality of the event. 

Plus, with a long dress, it’s easy to add some pizzazz by accessorizing it with jewelry or some stylish shoes to complete the look.

Choosing the Right Long Bridesmaid Dress

Whether you’re looking for long black bridesmaid dresses or something more colorful, there’s a certain etiquette you need to follow. Here are three general rules when shopping for wedding dresses or even long dresses.


It’s important to consider everyone’s financial constraints when selecting a dress for all the bridesmaids. Not every bridesmaid can afford a $500 dress or maybe even a $150 dress depending on their financial situation. 

Whether that means sacrificing features like fabric quality, length, or detailing and opting for an affordable option or setting speedbumps and sticking to one specific financial limit, it’s wise and courteous to keep everyone’s budget in mind from the very beginning. 

Remember, none of your friends should have to go into debt to make you happy as you prepare to walk down the aisle.


Next, consider the color of your bridesmaids’ dresses. It’s common for bridesmaid dresses to come in various colors, but black isn’t traditionally considered an option. However, it is actually a great choice. 

Not only does black flatter everyone, but when done right (choosing the right cut and shoulder straps), you can easily spruce up your bride squad with colorful accessories like jewelry or flowers. Black also ties a whole look together perfectly and creates a modern feel.

Body Type

Shopping for bridesmaid dresses can be a bit of a puzzle at times. You have to choose something that all your bridesmaids will feel comfortable wearing, regardless of their body type. Long dresses generally provide the most flattering fit. They are also often more comfortable than knee-length or shorter styles, especially on taller bridesmaids.

More Fashion Tips

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