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Can You Get A Perm With Bleached Hair?

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Yes, you can get a perm with bleached hair. However, it is important to make sure your hair is in good condition before getting the perm. Bleaching weakens the hair and makes it more susceptible to damage from chemical treatments such as perms.

Therefore, it’s best to wait several weeks after bleaching before getting a perm so that your hair has time to recover its strength and moisture level. When you go for your appointment, be sure to tell your stylist that your hair was recently bleached so they can adjust their technique accordingly. Additionally, use products designed specifically for chemically treated or colored hair both during and after the process, as this will help keep the integrity of your locks intact and provide them with extra nourishment over time.

  • Step 1: Schedule an appointment with a stylist who is experienced in bleached hair perms. This type of perm may require special techniques, so it’s important to find someone who is comfortable and familiar with the process.
  • Step 2: Before you go for your appointment, thoroughly wash and condition your hair using products specifically designed for bleached hair. Do not use any other styling products on your hair prior to the perm as this can interfere with the effectiveness of the chemicals used during the actual perm procedure.
  • Step 3: During your appointment, it’s important to discuss what kind of look you are trying to achieve from the perm. Your stylist will be able to recommend different types of perming solutions that will give you curl or wave patterns specific to what you want out of your style.
  • Step 4: Once a solution has been chosen, it will then be applied all over your scalp and left on for about 10-20 minutes depending on how lightened or processed your hair already is. Then, small sections at a time will be wrapped around rods which have been placed throughout the entire head in order to lock in curls or waves into each section before being set under warm air dryers until they are completely dry and secure within their wrap patterning setting them into place permanently while also preventing frizziness throughout wear time afterwards when worn naturally without heat styling tools used later if desired by choice afterwards.
  • Step 5: After all sections have been dried off completely, they’ll be unwrapped one by one then rinsed out with cool water before blow drying and cutting/trimming any uneven hairs as needed based upon client preference after seeing how everything looks once finished off finally then styled as desired overall afterwards too totally!
Can You Get A Perm With Bleached Hair?


Can I Have a Perm on Bleached Hair?

Yes, you can get a perm on bleached hair. However, it is best to wait at least a few weeks after bleaching your hair before getting a perm since the chemicals used in perms and bleaching are very harsh and can cause damage if used too soon. It’s important to use an experienced stylist who understands how to properly care for chemically treated tresses.

If you have recently dyed or lightened your hair with bleach, let your stylist know so they can help determine the best type of perm solution for your specific needs. When having a perm done on previously bleached hair, it’s also important to be aware that the results may not look quite as expected due to the already weakened state of the strands from all of their chemical processing. For this reason, some people opt out of receiving perms altogether if they have pre-lightened their locks in order to prevent further damage from occurring.

What Perm is Best for Bleached Hair?

When it comes to choosing the best perm for bleached hair, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to make sure that your chosen perm is gentle enough not to damage your hair. Bleached hair can be particularly prone to breakage and further damage, so using a milder solution with less chemicals will help keep your locks healthy.

Additionally, if you’re looking for curls or wave specifically then look at perms designed specifically for this purpose as they tend to work better than more general solutions. Finally, you should always consult with a professional stylist before going ahead with any kind of chemical treatment on your bleached hair; they’ll be able to provide advice specific to your individual needs and ensure that whatever choice you make is right for you and won’t cause any undue harm.

Does Perm Damage Hair More Than Bleach?

When it comes to deciding between perm and bleaching hair, there is no clear cut answer. Both treatments can be damaging if not done correctly, but both also have benefits depending on the desired look. Perms are generally less damaging than bleach because they involve a chemical process that restructures the bonds in your hair’s existing proteins instead of stripping away pigment like bleach does.

This makes them ideal for those who want dramatic curls or waves without having to subject their hair to harsh chemicals. On the other hand, bleach will lighten your hair more drastically than a perm ever could and is therefore better suited for achieving drastic changes in color or highlights. However, this kind of damage may be too much for those with already fragile strands so caution should be taken when considering either treatment option.

Ultimately, you should consult with a professional hairstylist before attempting any kind of permanent change as both perming and bleaching can cause long-term damage if performed incorrectly or excessively over time.

Can You Perm And Bleach Hair in the Same Day?

The answer to this question is a bit complicated, as it depends on the type of hair and the desired results. Generally speaking, it’s not recommended to perm and bleach hair in the same day because both processes can be damaging to your locks. Perming involves using harsh chemicals that break down the structure of your hair so that it can be restructured into curls or waves.

Bleaching also uses aggressive chemicals that strip away natural pigments from your strands – resulting in blonde or lighter shades of color. Both treatments require an extra layer of protection for your locks, however combining them together can lead to potential over-processing which could cause serious damage such as split ends and dryness. If you do decide to go ahead with both procedures at once, ensure that you use a high quality product specifically designed for perms and bleaches along with deep conditioning treatments afterwards.

Ultimately though, we would recommend spread out these two treatments over separate days if possible – allowing yourself time between each process so give time for any necessary repairs or restorative haircare routines in between sessions!

Ask The Stylist EP 10: Can I Perm Bleached Hair?

I Bleached My Hair a Year Ago Can I Perm It

If you bleached your hair a year ago, it is possible to perm it. However, due to the damage that bleach can cause to hair, you should take extra precautions before attempting a perm. First, visit a professional stylist and ask them if they think perming your hair is safe right now.

If so, use a deep conditioning treatment at least twice in the week leading up to your appointment and make sure only products specifically made for chemically treated hair are used during the process. With these steps taken into consideration, you should be able to get the curls of your dreams!


Overall, it is possible to get a perm with bleached hair but it is important to be aware of the risks. It’s always best for someone looking for a perm to speak with their stylist before making any decisions and ensure they understand what could happen as a result. While perms can add texture to your hair and make styling easier, they can also cause damage if not properly cared for after the treatment.

For those willing to take the risk, bleaching before getting a perm can provide beautiful results if done correctly by an experienced professional.