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Can Bleach Hair Be Permed?

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Yes, bleach hair can be permed. However, it is important to note that bleaching the hair weakens and dries out the strands. This makes them more fragile and prone to damage from chemical treatments such as perms.

Therefore, if someone plans on getting a perm after bleaching their hair, they should take extra care when doing so in order to avoid damaging their locks further. A good rule of thumb would be to wait at least two weeks after bleaching before proceeding with a perm treatment. Additionally, deep conditioning treatments should be done regularly afterwards in order to restore moisture and strength back into the hair follicles.

Yes, bleach hair can be permed. The bleaching process strips away the natural oils and proteins in your hair that are essential for protecting it from damage. However, if done correctly, perming after bleaching is possible.

A professional stylist should be consulted to ensure the proper technique is used to perm your hair without causing further damage or breakage. Additionally, regular deep conditioning treatments should be applied afterwards to help keep your locks nourished and healthy-looking!

How long to wait to perm hair after bleaching it?

How Long After Bleach Can You Perm?

It is important to wait a certain amount of time after bleaching your hair before perming it. Bleaching can strip the natural oils and proteins from your hair, leaving it dry and fragile. If you perm your hair too soon after bleaching, the tight curls may cause further damage and breakage due to weakened strands that are unable to hold the style in place.

For optimal results when combining these two processes, experts recommend waiting at least one month before using a permanent solution on newly bleach-treated hair. During this period of time, make sure to use deep conditioning treatments every week or so in order to help rebuild lost protein and restore moisture levels for stronger strands that will be better equipped for styling with a perm solution. By taking extra precautions when perming freshly bleached tresses, you can achieve beautiful voluminous waves without compromising the health of your mane!

What is the Best Perm for Bleached Hair?

The best perm for bleached hair is a partial perm or body wave. A partial perm will give your hair added volume and texture, while still allowing you to maintain the natural shape of your cut. This type of perm works best if done on freshly bleached hair that has been conditioned properly with deep moisturizing treatments prior to the service.

Partial perms are most effective when done by an experienced professional who can customize the size and depth of each curl according to your desired look. With this technique, curls will last longer and won’t be as prone to breakage since they aren’t being over-processed during application. When caring for a partially permed head of bleached hair, it’s important to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner along with leave-in products like oils or serums designed specifically for color treated tresses in order to keep them looking healthy and vibrant!

Can You Bleach And Perm Your Hair in the Same Day?

It can be tempting to want to bleach and perm your hair on the same day, but it is not advised. Bleaching requires a strong chemical that strips away melanin, leaving the hair lightened in color. Perming involves using chemicals to break down protein bonds and restructure the shape of your strands.

The combination of both processes can be very damaging for your hair, as too much chemical use at once will put a lot of strain on it. It’s best to give your locks time to recover after bleaching before attempting any additional treatments or styling processes—at least 24 hours should do the trick! Additionally, you should always consult with an experienced stylist when considering these types of chemical services so they can guide you through what would work best for you and minimize potential damage from either process.

Can Bleach Hair Be Permed?


When is It Safe to Perm Hair After Bleaching

When it comes to perming hair after bleaching, it is important to make sure that you have waited long enough for your hair to recover from the bleaching process. Generally speaking, experts recommend waiting at least 6 weeks before attempting a perm in order to give your hair time to recover and rebuild its natural oils. If you do not wait long enough between processes, there is a high risk of permanent damage being done to the strands of your hair.


Overall, bleaching hair can potentially be permed, but the process should only be done by a professional. The bleach needs to be thoroughly rinsed out before any other chemical treatments are applied. It is important to discuss what type of perm you would like with your stylist and ensure they know that you have recently bleached your hair.

Doing this will help reduce the chances of damaging your hair or having an unexpected outcome after getting a perm.