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Best Turkish Towels for the Beach, Park, and Beyond

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Are you trying to find the best Turkish towels but need help figuring out where to start? When you look at a towel online, it can take effort to tell what it offers. We can help you find the Best Turkish towel for the occasion, whether you’re looking for a beach towel, a cute throw to spice up your boring couch, or a 100% cotton head wrap. Our research before testing each item and our hands-on experience with each one will give you all the information you need to make a good choice.

Best Turkish towel All-Around

Mebien Turkish Beach Bath Towel

The Mebien Turkish Beach Bath Towel is an excellent choice for most situations. It did well in most of our tests, and the fact that it is soft, thick, and dries quickly is a rare combination. This towel can be used as a light throw or a cozy scarf. Its tight weave and fluffy tassels make it comfortable, and its thickness keeps you warm. It comes in a few different colors and designs, and there’s a small tag on it so you can hang it up. There are a lot of strategies and color choices for the Mebien, but they all look different from a traditional Turkish towel, which would be an excellent addition.

Bosphorus Turkish Towel 

The classic set of six Turkish towels, the Bosphorus Set, is an excellent choice for the whole family. Because these towels are made of thin cotton, they soak up water quickly and dry off just as quickly. Every towel in the set is generous, perfect for drying off in the bath or lounging in the park. However, they are not so enormous that you must be careful not to trip over the hem. There are both sets with many colors and sets with only one color. Considering how much each towel costs, this is a great deal. The towels can also be used as a scarf or head towel, and they work great at the beach as a regular towel or even as a sarong.

Demmex Organic Diamond Weave Turkish towel

The plush and multifunctional Demmex Organic Diamond Weave Turkish Towel can be a scarf in the afternoon after you’ve dried off from the morning’s shower.  The thick tassels and beautiful diamond pattern make it stand out. The dense weave makes this towel very absorbent. Unlike some of the thinner towels we tested, you will only need one to completely dry after swimming in the lake or taking a shower. The Demmex is like other Turkish towels; it gets softer the more you use it. 

Wetcat The Original Turkish Beach Towel 

You may choose from a rainbow of colors on the Wetcat Original Turkish Beach Towel, which has a modern take on the classic striped Turkish design.  Turkish towels get softer as they are washed and used, so it makes sense that the Wet cat, which has already been cleaned, feels soft right out of the package. This towel can also be used as a great summer scarf.

Because the Wetcat is not very heavy, it can only soak up so much water at once. Also, its thinness means it would not be ideal for use as a park blanket when the ground is wet.