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What Cartilage Earrings Are Popular Right Now? Everything You’ll Want In 2022

Cartilage piercings don’t come easy and when they come, people always drool over ideas. Imaginations take over and people can be found engrossed in those ideas. People love to flash the newest trends often. The best part is, there is always a trend to follow and something new is always around the corner.

Cartilage earrings are trending right now and if you too love changing them you might be short of the right designs at the right time. But we here bring you some of the best designs in sight.

Try going with these cartilage earring designs if you run short of ideas.

Trendiest cartilage earrings of 2022

1.   Constellation cartilage earrings

The constellation cartilage earrings are trending and the glam look they create is being enjoyed by many. Use the right-sized hoops, star-designed or stones for studs with a streak of color to make your experience richer while you push back your hair behind your ears to flaunt those glitzy cartilage earrings.

2.   Asymmetric cartilage earrings

Gone are the days when only symmetric earring pieces looked stunning in those petite small ears. Nowadays, it is asymmetric designs that are trending and that gives you the freedom to wear anything you want.

Try an asymmetric pattern for your snake bite piercings or even other cartilage piercings. You would just see how they make a difference to your appearance creating an altogether new avatar you have never met before.

3.   Horseshoe-shaped cartilage earrings

If you just don’t want to look fashionable but also want your luck to be on your side, try the horseshoe-shaped cartilage earrings. Check if you can find a crystal-studded horseshoe-shaped earring.

The horseshoe shape is known to be a fortune bearer for many and if you want your luck to be on your side, do not miss wearing horseshoe-shaped cartilage earrings for a change in this season. Right now, people are searching for their luck like no other. Why don’t you try yours?

4.   Crystal fireball twisted cartilage earrings

The crystal fireball twisted designs are adding a layer of gloss to one’s personality. If you too want to have one for yourself, this is the right year to have one. A fire symbol in your ears can keep the fire on within your life making it more vigorous and gratifying.

Try to hold on to the fireball cartilage earring design and use it for your autumn and your winter celebrations. It can be one of the best designs for your ears this year. A twisted fireball also resembles the letter 2 and what can suit more than this design with 2022 moving briskly ahead?

5.   Snake designs for cartilage earrings

While some believe luck comes through horseshoe shapes, others believe luck comes by adorning the snake in our daily lives. If you believe the snake brings prosperity, you can try donning a snake-shaped cartilage earring.

Not only do they look stunning a pair will certainly change the way people chose their cartilage earring design to date. Try them on for a more prosperous year ending and wear them on while welcoming the New Year. Most often men and women love dressing up differently. If you want to know what causes a sudden change, you must try different cartilage earring designs in the remaining few months of 2022. Bringing a deliberate change in your life can go a long way to support you, even if it means a change as minuscule as your cartilage earring designs.